ECS Market Sectors

ECS has provided quality services to public and private sector clients in more than a dozen states.  Additionally, our key staff have supported clients across the United States, including a wide array of federal agencies and all branches of the Department of Defense.  Clicking on the links below will provide a general breakdown of our corporate and staff experience with a variety in markets sectors across the country.  If you would like more information, are interested in discussing teaming, or would like a consultation regarding a project, please click Additional Information.

  • Department of Defense

    • Army

    • US Army Corps of


    • Navy

    • National Guard

    • Air Force

    • Marine Corps

    • Reserve Commands

  • Department of the Interior

    • National Park Service

    • Bureau of Land Management

    • Bureau of Reclamation

    • Bureau of Indian Affairs

  • US Department of Agriculture

    • US Forest Service

    • Natural Resources and Conservation Service

  • US Fish & Wildlife Service

  • State and Local Governments

    • Town of Holyoke

    • Spanish Peak Airfield

    • City of Cortez

    • City of Cheyenne

  • Oil & Gas Industry

    • Seismic Survey

    • Pipelines

    • Well Pads

  • Energy Industry

    • Solar

    • Wind Farms

    • Geothermal

    • Transmission Lines

    • Plant Siting

  • Mining Industry

    • In situ and open pit copper

    • In situ and conventional uranium

    • Coal

    • Rare Earth Minerals

    • MSHA Part 46 Miner Training

  • Private Developers

    • Environmental review for USDA

      Rural Development Loans

    • NEPA, CWA, and Section 106 Documentation

  • Tribal Support

    • Section 106 compliance

    • Para-Archaeology Training

    • On-Call Principal Investigator


    • Tribal Monitoring

    • TCP and Ethnographic studies

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